Wedding Safa in Delhi

Wedding Safa in Delhi

Wedding Safa in Delhi

Wedding Safa in Delhi

Wedding Safa For Barati

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We also provide our personnel to help your wear turbans at your place in any occasion and any where. We can customise safa according to your choice. We provide various types of turbans. We put our best foot forward and always make sure to make your event or wedding ceremony colourfull.

A wedding safa is a testament of the culture and traditions of our country. At wedding safa in delhi , we pay homage to the culture ingrained in our people. We design high quality, attractive and compatible wedding safas which can be worn by both the groom and the Baraatis. It is a matter of pride for us to be involved in manufacturing and distributing this part of the wedding attire.

You must have often seen a groom tying a Safa on his head before his wedding and felt a sense of excitement and respect for this tradition. We believe that this is a tradition that should never be lost. It is something which has been an inseparable part of marriages for centuries and this is essentially what separates an Indian marriage from western weddings. We design designs for all types of attires. Whether you are wearing a Jodhpuri, a suit or even a simple Salwar Kameez, we have a special Safa which will fit you perfectly.

The Safa has been worn in India by all communities in some form or the other. The Rajputs used to wear it everyday as a sign of their community and the awe that it inspired. People in Rajasthan have worn it over the years to protect themselves from the glaring sun. Each community wore a safa of a different color to symbolize themselves. Different events also saw different safas. The panchrangaSafa which comprises of five colors was worn at weddings while the pink, red and green colored ones were usually worn for festivals. The Sarpanch of the village also wore a different safa to symbolize his authority and dominance.

Keeping in mind the reverence and importance of the safa, we present a range of wedding safa for you to choose from. Some of our most popular one includes-

• Royal Safas- These Safas have a touch of royalty ingrained in them. They include a feather at the top as well as Kundan chains to top off the look. The safa contains a look of gold as well. It has a sarpech at the top of the garment to give a stunning effect. You have many color combinations to choose from.

• Simple yet Elegant- Many customers prefer a single color, mostly white, to complement their sherwani. Many a times the attire demands a lot of attention and the groom wishes to keep the safa simple and attractive. You can even add motifs at the end.

• Metallic Touch- Many grooms prefer metallic fabric safa which is shiny yet classic. It is a favorite among men wanting to adorn a simplistic look. It adds a touch of attractiveness to a dull and traditional sherwani.

• Cotton and Silk Combination- Although used rarely, it gives the groom a ethnic and traditional vibe. The cotton and silk combination is a bit more expensive but allows for a range of colors or color combinations. It allows for better designs as well.

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